A few questions were a often asked. If you have a question use our Contact form to drop us a line.

Q:    Do you know how often you should clean your gutters?

A:    Depending on the size of your home, and the number of tree’s around your house your gutters should be cleaned once to 4 times per year.

Q:    Why is it important to clean gutters?

A:    While gutters are useful to draw moisture away from your house and roof. They can only do their job if they are free of debris and clogs. When a clogged gutter occurs, build up and rust will start to eat away at the gutter until it breaks free from the roof causing damage to the drain, roof and facia board which can be costly to replace.

Q:  Is there a warranty on roofs?

A: We provide a minimum of a 5 year workmanship warranty, additional manufacturer warranties vary.

Q:   Why is a laminate shingle better than a 3tab shingle?

A:   Laminate shingles adhere better to one another creating 2-3 layers of protection. 3 tab shingles are less expensive and they do protect your home. How ever 3 tab shingles deteriorate 8-10 years faster than a laminate shingle.

Q:  Will you install drip edge or edge material as part of the roof?

A:  Yes

Q: What would you do about bad weather while you are working on my roof?

A:  As we all know the weather man is rarely right. We are always ready for the weather.  The appropriate sized tarps are readily available; these are used to build temporary shelters on the roof to allow for work to continue. We ensuring that the underlayment is complete everyday that makes sure your roof is water tight at the end of every day

Q:  Do you bring a container for the old roof and debris.

A: Yes, every new- re roof will require a bin to be on site during the removal process. We work with the home owner to decide placement of the bin prior to the job.