Nice work! Quick and professional

We had an aging roof with a couple of serious leaks. We had tried patching it ourselves but no success.

We contacted Ridgeland Roofing about a quick fix, which they were reluctant to do.  They explained that there would be no guarantee on how effective it would be.  Brandon educated us on the cost and effect of "quick fix now " versus the entire roof which would need to be done with in the year anyway.

We finally decided to hire Ridgeland to replace our entire roof. They made it so easy. Brandon spoke to the local supply rep for us to ensure that we got what we needed and then he arrived and took care of the rest.  Three days later we have a high quality, beautiful roof with no leaks.

His professionalism and pride in a job well done is evident. We smile every time we come into the driveway and see our beautiful new roof.

Thank you Brandon Landrud at Ridgeland Roofing for a job well done.